200 Guided Meditation Scripts

  • Hello. I purchased the 200 guided meditation scripts. I can see around 20 have downloaded but that is all. Have I done something daft ? Many thanks Kerry

    • Hi Kerry,

      There are 12 categories and each category consists of multiple files. Compassion, Love and Forgiveness Scripts (27), Stress and Anxiety Scripts (27), Presence, Acceptance, Joy & Relaxation Scripts (50), Gratitude Scripts (21), Mindfulness of Emotions and Thoughts Scripts (26), Pain Management Scripts (6), Sleep Scripts (10), Leadership, Confidence, Focus and Energy Scripts (20), Sensory, Body Scan, and Movement Scripts (43), Family, Kids and Relationship Scripts (15), Addiction, Trauma and Healing Scripts (6), Consciousness, Higher Self and Wisdom Scripts (14)

      If you are not seeing these total count per category, please send a screenshot to [email protected]

      Thank you.

  • Hello when I purchased this, I thought it gave the guided meditation audios and how we can create them with our own voice as well. This looks like only the scripts. How do I access the audios and learn how to create them myself? Thank you!

    • Hi Stacey, it’s nice to see you here (not sure if you remember me). The 200 Guided Meditation Scripts are only PDF files of the actual scripts that you can use for making your own recording. The package comes with bonus audio meditations for better sleep which you can see here. I’m really sorry but right now, we don’t have a video about how to create your own recording.

  • I initially was purchasing the premium version but when I went back to the order page only the regular version without the instructions for making audios was showing. What happened to the premium version a it was more expensive but had tutorials on how to Repurpose and record the meditations to sell as your own audios, videos or courses.

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